Message from the President and CEO

Comfortable tomorrow,we are seeking for

Throughout 80 years of our operations, we have consistently employed a pioneer spirit to find solutions to new finishing applications and open new markets for our industry. Shortly after the foundation, our company was recognized by the Japanese Government as a research and development center for the grinding wheel industry, the first company in the industry to receive this designation. Then, shortly after the World War II, Tipton entered into the mass finishing industry.

The result of this research and development effort was the world's first centrifugal mass finishing machine and numerous advances in vibratory, centrifugal disc, recipro, gyro and brushing machine equipment. Concurrently, we established many developments in abrasive media and compounds. The results of our endless efforts have produced international recognition as a comprehensive manufacture in the finishing industry.

Today, Tipton continues to develop an entire range of manned and automated systems including separators, waste water treatment equipment, rinsing machines, dryers and all other related equipment. By means of contiguous and applied technologies, Tipton has also stepped into the catalyst carriers, candy coating and taylor voltex flow nano reactor business. The know-how developed and accumulated throughout our history has been greatly praised by the industrial world.

The development process generally involves trial and error. However, we at Tipton have always considered the inevitable failures in this process as a valuable asset in the next trial and have taken the attitude that we must persevere until a successful conclusion is found. That has been our philosophy for the past half century.
“For Tomorrow” - Please expect us to continue utilizing “Organized Development” to challenge tomorrow according to Tipton Spirit.

Fumiaki Kobayashi President and CEO