Humanitarian Assistance Activities

Support for the Children's Institution CCH (Center for Children to Happiness)

  • We are continuing without support for the CCH (Center for Children to Happiness) in Cambodia via the incorporated nonprofit organization JHP (Japan Team of Young Human Power).
    Since 2002, this center has taken in orphans working at garbage landfills and the children of poor families, provides them with food, clothing, shelter and an education, and also provides vocational training so that they can live normal lives in society. Currently, around 100 students are at this center.

  • In years when employees can be paid an incentive bonus, we make a donation to UNICEF. For example, in West Africa to the South of the Sahara Desert, every year over ten million children are losing their lives at the age of five or younger through starvation or lack of medicine. UNICEF conducts rescue operations to help these children.
    Humanitarian support like this is part of our social contribution based on our corporate philosophy, and is being conducted to arouse the motivation of each of our employees.