Company Philosophy

Our Perspective

Our approach to our customers, our employees, society and the natural world is based on the following perspective

Every one of us Is given life by Nature *, Gives life to Nature And lives along with Nature *Nature Here meaning everything that exists; all things; the universe

  • Customer Satisfaction

    All business activity begins with the needs of customer. No matter what kinds of challenges those needs may present, we would never dismiss nor refuse them without fully grasping them. We strive always to first understand our customers, so that we can put the best of knowledge to work in response to their needs.

  • Employee Satisfaction

    We create for our employees an environment in which they can fulfill their responsibility to provide for their families and find a sense of pride and purpose in their jobs. We help those with talents to develop their abilities and give them opportunities to express them. Further, we expect that those in management have ample abilities and will be willing to encourage the same in their subordinates.

  • Our Mission

    We do our utmost to carry out the mission we have been given with the awareness that we live by, give life to and live alongside not only our customers and employees, our associate companies and stockholders, but also everyone in the world, and even nature itself. We firmly believe that to assume responsibility as a part of society with that ideal in mind is the ultimate satisfaction a person or corporate citizen can achieve, which is to say it is connected to self-actualization.

  • The Foundation of Corporate Activity 1

    Based on the "Tipton Spirit" of our Five Principles of Innovation*, we continually challenge obstacles to the future as we cut through and dig deep with unrelenting resolve, thereby helping to create new value in the world. Each of our employees is passionate about taking tomorrow into his or her own hands and making it better than today.

  • The Foundation of Corporate Activity 2

    In accordance with those Five Principles, we place a hight value on power and versatility of each employee's imagination as well as the earnest desire to develop ideas by emphasizing thinking outside the box, independent of precedent or convention. At the same time, we are constantly aware of what conditions could be five years from now. This is true not only in terms of individual skills but also in regard to the goals we share with those with whom we work as well as cooperative attitudes and communication. Integration, both vertical and horizontal, encourages the error-free resolution of problematic parameters that process.

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

We work hard to observe the laws and protect the environment and human rights as part of a sound society. In order to maintain the highest moral standards, we strive for fairness within our corporation, and we neither indulge nor overlook violations or other wrongdoings.