Quality & Environmental Policy

We are a certificate holder of ISO9001 and ISO14001.


Our Perspective

To fulfill the expected quality, we shall respond to the current requirements of society. To realize the expected quality, we shall realize the requirements of the future generation. To advance quality, we shall challenge future quality requirements.

Environmental Policy

Every one of us Is given life by Nature, Gives life to Nature, And lives along with Nature.

  1. In our business activities in sectors of industry such as surface treatment, ceramics and carriers, and coatings, we shall endeavor to prevent pollution to reduce the impact on the environment, and shall work towards environmental protection to ensure harmony with nature based on the above principle. To promote these activities, we shall strive to operate the following environment management system and conduct continual on-going improvements:
    1)Development and promotion of sales of environmentally friendly products
    2)Efficient consumption of energy
    3)Re-use of resources
  2. We shall comply, observe and maintain environmental laws, regulations, conventions and other related requirements.
  3. We shall raise the understanding of all our employees and other people providing services to our company toward this policy by publicizing it on our website and distributing it to them on demand.

Our Environmental Preservation Activities

Considering the effects to the neighboring environment, as always our factory discharges fluids only after appropriate treatment separates wastes and by maintaining greenery areas on the factory premises.

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