Oil refinery and Petrochemical Fillers

Highest quality in Japan and leading market share  in Japan for ceramic fillers

70% and higher domestic share
Top quality exported to more than 30 countries worldwide

Ceramic Inert balls for the oil refining, petrochemical and natural gas Industries

Japanese Market

ENEOS Corporation
Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.
Fuji Oil Company, Ltd.
Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.
Taiyo Oil Company, Limited.
And so on.

Overseas market

Long Son Petrochemicals (Vietnam), GC Oxirane Propylene Oxide Plant(Thailand),
PTTGC Ethylene Plant(Thailand), IEFCL2 Nigeria, Ammonia Plant(Nigeria),
CHAMBAL G3AU Urea Plant(India), PUSRI IIB Ammonia Plant(Indonesia),
IEFCL Nigeria Ammonia Plant(Nigeria), KALTIM5 Indonesia Ammonia Plant(Indonesia),
TAKREER(UAE), Paqua New Guinea LNG(Paqua New Guinea), PetroRabigh(Saudi Arabia),
Qatar Shell GTL(Qatar), BP Tangguh LNG(Indonesia), Ras Laffan LNG(Qatar),
Qatar Gas LNG(Qatar), PTT Polyethylen(Thailand), Samusung BP(South Korea), KNPC CFP(Kuwait) etc.

Country of Sales

Asia :Rossiya・China・Singapore・Malaysia・Thailand ・Taiwan・Korea・Philippines
Middle East :Pakistan・Iraq・Kuwait・Saudi Arabia・Iran・Qatar
Europe :Bulgaria・Yugoslavia・Turkey・Uzbekistan
Africa :Egypt・South Africa・Algeria・Nigeria
North America :U.S.A.
South America :Venezuela・Argentina・Brazil
Other countries :Australia・Papua New Guinea

Catalyst carriers for the petrochemical business

Domestic catalyst manufacturers

Heat Exchange Media for High Performance Industrial Furnaces
(regeneration burner system, etc.)

Domestic furnace manufacturers and usage sites

Boasting the leading share
Ceramic fillers

As a result of materials technology, granulation technology and extrusion molding technology that began with grinding wheels and developed in mass finishing, our inert products and catalyst carrier products have answered the quality requirements needs of plant engineering companies and catalyst manufacturers, respectively, over the past 50 years. As a result, our reliable Tipton Ceram brand is being used in many plants both in Japan and overseas. In particular, we possess a technology capable of precisely controlling the pore-size distribution (pore diameter) of porous ceramic and the specific surface area, and are providing products of consistently high quality to the market.

How Tipton's ceramic products are used