Privacy policy

Tipton Corp. recognizes the protection of personal information which is the substantial rights and assets of its customers' as the company's social responsibility, and shall strive to protect personal information based on the following policy.

  1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

    When clarifying in advance the purpose of the collection of personal information and using collected personal information, that information shall be used within the scope of its defined purpose.
  2. Prevention of Risk on Personal Information

    We shall take appropriate measures to prevent the risk of unauthorized access or loss, leakage, corruption, and tampering of personal information.
  3. Laws and Ordinances, and Other Standards

    We shall exhaustively observe laws, ordinances, and other standards relating to personal information.

We shall strive to educate and enlighten each of our employees to enhance protection of personal information.

Tipton Corp.
Fumiaki Kobayashi, President and CEO