Taylor Vortex Flow Nano Reactor


Newly Developed Taylor Vortex Flow Nano Reactor
Achieves High Shearing Force, High Roundness in a Short Time, Accurate Particle Size

  • Uniform Mixing of Gas and Liquid
  • Accurate Particle Size Distribution
  • Improved Sphericity
  • Continuous Production Possible
  • Considerable Time Reductions

Use in a Wide Range of Fields Can Be Expected

Fields and Applications

Skin lotions/Creams (stabilization of emulsions, improved texture/feel)
Drug/Delivery/Systems (more efficient transportation of medicinal properties to affected area)
Bulk drug materials (crystallization/precipitation)
Materials for Electric and Electronic Components Lithium-ion cell materials (higher performance)
Organic electroluminescence emitters (improved dispersibility for increased emission intensity/speed)
Functional resin pigments (improved stability)
Precision Chemistry CNF (cellulose nanofibers; improved specific strength, isolation)
CNT (carbon nanotubes: improved conductivity)
Food/Beverage Emulsification (particle size control)
High-functionality food materials (improved substance absorption efficiency in supplements, dairy products, nutritional supplementary food, etc.)
Liquid food (same as above)
Petrochemical Catalyst carriers (high specific surface area/high strength)
Environment Improved water quality by removal of impurities
Flocculation of solids in waste water treatment

Application Cases

Gas, liquid and solid is poured into a liquid medium to form Taylor vortex flow. The action of mixing like this promotes a chemical reaction and produces new substance.

  • High Sphericity

    <chemical materials> SEM images

  • Accurate Particle Size Distribution

    Particle size distribution

The particle size is controlled by changing the gap between the inner and outer tubes, number of rotation and flow rate. This enables substance having a small through to a large diameter to be produced.