Mass Finishing Machine

国内No.Leading Market Share in JapanA Comprehensive Manufacturer in the Mass Finishing Industry

The Complete Lineup of Mass Finishing Products

Because we are the leading manufacturer of a complete line-up of mass finishing products, we have the technical advantage to provide products to a diverse range of corporate customers that includes the major car manufacturers and electric and electronic manufacturers.

A Substantial Line-up of Basic Rotary Models Through to the Very Latest Hi-gravitational Models and Periphery Equipments

We sell a substantial line-up of products -- from basic rotary barrel finishing machines through to the very latest hi-gravitational barrel finishing machines, separators, driers and other periphery equipments in and outside Japan. Technical invention that has obtained many patents that are the foundation of product development continually improves the precision of our finishing machines. For example, the latest model of the Mighty-Mild barrel finishing machine features improved performance and an enhanced design, and is contributing to the growth of the mass finishing industry.

Supporting Custom Layouts, Automation and the Design and Production of Brushing, Lapping and other Special-purpose Machines

We can offer our customers the benefits of comprehensive system design as we handle not only finishing machine units but also related equipment, surface treatment equipment and other special-purpose machines. In particular, we have an established track record in the area of layout machines for mass finishing machines and automatic machines. We have a substantial testing environment at our headquarters that allow testing from large 1,000 mm sizes down to small products of less than 1 mm. In this way, we can provide highly reliable designs.

Responding to All Kinds of Requests with Over 2,000 Types of Abrasive Media and Compounds

Through original development of over 2,000 types of abrasive consumables, we are able to design finishing machines capable of satisfying a diverse range of finishing requirements. As a leading manufacturer in the mass finishing industry, our technical strengths support the business operations of a variety of corporations. We can also develop abrasive consumables matched to specific customer requirements. For details, see [Abrasive Media and Compounds]

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  • Horizontal Type
    Mighty-Mild Series

    The grinding power is more than that of the centrifugal barrel, and the wearing amount of abrasive media is dramatically reduced.
    Improved operability and visibility by introduction of industrial design.

  • Vertical Type
    Mighty-Mild Series

    Our new Vertical High-Gravity CBF Finishing Machine with 4x 1L barrels; a new addition to our Mighty Mild Line-up.
    Breaking previous limits with a maximum force of 40Gs for fast, yet delicate surface grinding.

  • Drag・Finish
    CF Series

    Achievements of over 40 years!

    Full model change of Drag Finish in response to user’s voice.

  • Horizontal Type
    Adoption of Barrel tub with replaceable lining
    Patent No.2022-120962
    (Patent pending)

    A renewal of our best selling HS-R30X for a new generation.
    We have made it even easier to use to further answer our user’s needs.