Mass Finishing Machine

Ideal for the finishing of tools and coated surface
Surface finishing surpassing buffing
Uniform finishing achieved on parts with a complex geometry.
  • Structure and Principle

    • Finishing Movement

    Drag・Finish (Dry Barrel Finishing Machine) polishes the surface of the workpiece by inserting the workpiece into the process tank filled with the dry media and a high speed planetary rotation. By rubbing the workpiece against the media through a planetary motion, even complex geometry (drill-like shape) can be polished uniformly.
    The turret and spindle head are driven by separate motors, and processing parameters responding to a wide variety of workpieces can be obtained by independent control of the turret(revolution) rotation speed and spindle head (rotation) rotation speed.
  • Features

    • Mechanism・Control

      ■ Reduction on un-uniform finish

      ①Independent control of rotation・revolution ②Forward and reverse rotation is possible. ③With 6 stages of spindle shaft inclination, even complex geometry can be polished uniformly.

      ■ Expansion of polishing areas

      50% expansion of Rotation/Revolution speed area, compared to our company's products, high-speed reversal of rotation is also possible.

      ■ Reduction on setup time

      Detachable drill chuck without tools adopted.
      Further reduction available by an external setup.

      ■ Safe work

      Turret index fixed-position stop. A brake motor is used to prevent misalignment when replacing workpieces.

      ■ Comfortable work environment

      Dust collector equipped as a standard.
      Wear prevention lining on the inner surface of the a process tank.

      ■ Easy operation

      Adopts an interactive touch panel and multi-stage program operation that can register multiple finishing conditions.

      ■ Customization

      Various options are available. We also accept custom order including automation system.

    • Workability・Safety

      • •Work efficiency and safety are improved because the setup position is the same every time by the index fixed position stop and the brake fixed.
      • •Removal of dust in the machine with a dust collector. Urethane lining in the process tank prevents abrasive media from scattering inside the machine due to holes in the process tank. Ensuring a clean in-machine environment.
      • •Abrasive media can be exchanged efficiently and safely with a process tank replacement trolley that can discharge the contents from the bottom.
      • One piece large sized workpiece chucked

      • Process tank exchange trolley

      • Spindle head inclination

      • Detachable drill chuck

      • Scroll chuck

  • Applications


    • ■ Machine tools

      •Carbide Tool : Rounding on cutting edge & Removal of droplet
      •Cutting Tool : Mirror polishing
      •Tool : Removal of DLC/Titanium coating film
      •Mold : Punch, Die

    • ■ Medical artificial joint, Artificial bone

      •Machined components : Removal of tool mark
      •3D printer molded products : Surface improvement

    • ■ Metal components

      〇 Beauty finish・Pre-plating
      ・Bicycle parts ・Golf irons ・Faucet
      ・Medical equipment ・Interior metal fitting ・Glasses frame
      〇 Rounding finish at corner portion
      〇 Removal of plating / oxide film

    • ■ Precision parts

      •Jewelry : Mirror Finish

    • Rounding for hard material

      Less than r=0.002mm


    • Surface roughness improvement



    • Peeling off the coating for tools

      Coating type(Al/Cr) 48.6%

      Coating type(Al/Cr) 2.6%

Abrasive Media

  • Shifting from High-Spin Finish to Drag・Finish

    We started manufacturing and selling drug finish grinding machines under the name of "High Spin" in 1977. At that time, soft media for mirror finishing was used for mirror finishing and pre-plating treatment of bicycle parts, golf irons, faucet fittings, etc. After that, the number of inquiries decreased due to the progress of processing technology, but in recent years, with the release of "SMD" that uses diamond powder as an abrasive, inquiries for new applications such as supper mirror finish / finishing of hard tools and titanium by the performance greatly exceeding that of conventional soft media have increased. Therefore, we renewed the high spin for the first time in 40 years, reviewed the mechanical specifications from the beginning, and then adopted a design that would be recognized as Tipton at a glance, and made a full model change as "Drag・Finish"

    ▲Pamphlet at that time