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All technology that began with grinding wheels has been integrated to create new technologies.

  • since 1939

    Grinding Wheels

    Leading Share in the Exterior Building Materials Industry

    A Comprehensive Manufacturer of Consumables and Machines for the Exterior Building Materials Industry
    For the tile bonding industry, siding processing industry, cutter polishing industry and building stone material working industry
    Consumables such as grinding wheels with disks, grinding wheels with nuts, porous grinding wheels, diamond cutters, carbide bars, diamond tip saws, vitrified thin grinding wheels, resin CBN wheels, and vitrified grinding wheels. Tile and siding cutting machines are also supported.

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  • since 1953

    Mass Finishing Machine

    65% and Higher Domestic Share

    From precision machining up to proposal of systems are supported by hi-gravitational barrel finishing machines, centrifugal barrel finishing machines, centrifugal disc finishing machines, vibratory barrel finishing machines, rotary barrel finishing machines, gyro finishing machines, brushing machines, high-spin finishing machines, lapping finishing machines, loaders, separators, cleaners, driers, waste water treatment equipments, and other general-purpose machines, and by special-purpose machines, special machines, layout machines, and automatic machines.

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  • since 1957

    Abrasive Media and Compounds

    An Extensive Line-up for Expanding the Potential of Mass Finishing
    Abrasive media, compounds, degreasers, rust inhibitors, additives, etc. are available for supporting deburring, radiusing, smoothing, precision finishing, luster finishing, and ultra-luster finishing.
    1,500 types of abrasive media, 500 types of compounds
    Standard products, custom-made items and through to exclusive goods can be accommodated.

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  • since 1966

    Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Fillers

    Tipton's Ceramic Fillers Occupy 70% of The Japanese Market.

    Ceramic Fillers
    For the oil refining, petrochemical, natural gas, and high performance industrial furnace industries.
    Inert products (ceramic balls, high-alumina balls, Raschig ring and flowers) and catalyst carrier products (catalyst carriers, Raschig rings) are supported.

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  • since 1993


    New Product Usage Ratio No.1

    For the food industry (snacks candy/health foods) and pharmaceutical.
    Next-generation coating machine, multi spin coating machine that combines a revolving pan and vortex flow.
    CoaterowNEXT, CoaterowStandard, CoaterowCCM, CoaterowTRP.

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  • since 2018

    Taylor Vortex Flow Nano Reactor

    For the pharmaceutical, food/cosmetics, chemical, and other industries.
    Innovative mixer/dispersing/reaction machine that makes use of Taylor vortex flow.

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